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Featured Products. For over 40 years it's been our mission to provide better ammunition, reloading components and technology to shotgun shooters all around the world. We've scoured the planet for the world's finest reloading components, ammunition and shotshell accessories and we also manufacture our own performance-driven reloading components. Ballistic Products Shot Buffer Original 500cc Ballistic Products original design buffer offers maximum magnum load pattern density with an absolute minimum affect on chamber pressures. Applications include use with all types of shotshell and centerfire loads. Features:Designed for most loads. Use of Bismuth shot or steel may require a Triple Tap Reactive AR500 steel shooting target systemThe Target Man "Triple Tap" AR500 Steel Reactive Shooting Target This target comes pre-welded with a throat. You will need to source your own angle iron and purchase our MPB or build your own base for the target. Triple Tap is a new 3-stage reactive target system constructed from ballistic grade AR500. Shotshell Reloading Supplies for Sale Midsouth Shooters12 Gauge 1 oz, 1-1/8 oz Target Shotshell Wads Power Piston One-Piece 500 count. 050-24346 Remington. $17.98. Out of Stock. 410 Bore 1/2 oz Target Shotshell Wads Power Piston One-Piece 500 count. 050-24352 Remington. $17.98. Out of Stock. 28 Gauge 3/4 oz Target Shotshell Wads Power Piston One-Piece 500 count. :1000 Qty 3/8" Inch Steel Shot Slingshot Ammo This item:1000 Qty 3/8" Inch Steel Shot Slingshot Ammo Balls. $21.95 ($0.02/Slingshot Ammo) In Stock. Sold by BC Precision and ships from Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. cyrico Slingshot Ammo 1600 PCS Biodegradable Clay Slingshot Ammo 3/8 Inch Natural Hard Clay Balls 9-10mm. $13.95. In Stock. Sold by cyrico and ships from Fulfillment. Choosing UL 752 Ballistic Levels Bullet Resistance UL Level 5 - One 7.62mm Round. UL Level 5 describes materials and products that can withstand one 7.62mm (.308 Caliber), an ammo type that is typically found in military rifles. 7.62 ammo is used in assault weapons:AR15s and AK47s When comparing this round to the Level 4 .30 Caliber, the mass of the round is 2 grams lower ( 11.7g to 9.7) but the velocity of the bullet sees a good increase. :Customer reviews:Michigan Wheel 933519 Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Michigan Wheel 933519 Ballistic A-Series 3-Blade Stainless Steel Propeller - RH, 14-1/2" Diameter x 19" Pitch at . Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. A Closer Look at Body Armor Ballistic Levels - Spartan Jun 27, 2020 · Level III Body Armor. To qualify for level III NIJ 0101.06 standards, a body armor plate must be able to stop 7.62 NATO FMJ rounds at a velocity of 2780 ft/s (± 30 ft/s). To most people, the idea of stopping a .308 rifle round sounds impressive because its a large bullet compared to a .223 round. However, its actually the exact opposite. Ballistic Pendulum Experiment - EX-5511 - Products PASCOBallistic Pendulum Experiment. . EX-5511A. The ball is shot into a foam catcher at the end of a pendulum. The pendulum is mounted on a Rotary Motion Sensor to record the entire swing. This graph of the angle of the pendulum vs. time is plotted in real-time in PASCO Capstone. The maximum angle is displayed on the graph. U.S. Educator Price. $560.

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