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Stainless steel for use with high-pressure hydrogen

AUS316L-H2 is a stainless steel for high pressure hydrogen based on SUS316/SUS316L. Type of steel and steel standards ( :standard supported, ×:not supported) Product dimensions. Heat treatment for solid solution Round bar:16-200mm Cold drawn steel (High strength specification) Round/hexagonal bar:-40mm in general Features Swagelok Hydrogen- Compatible Gaseous Tube Trailer5 Swagelok Hydrogen-Compatible Products Product Product Type/Series Description Working Pressure and Ordering Information Tubing 316/316L seamless instrumentation grade Stainless steel seamless tubing, ASTM A213/A269 1/8 to 2 in . and 3 to 25 mm Refer to Stainless Steel Seamless Tubing and Tube Support Systems catalog, MS-01-181, for additional HYDROGEN SERVICE - esitechgroupUnless explicitly specified in our Ordering Codes for Hydrogen Service, when using our valves for Hydrogen Service (Feature "H") material selection should be: Body & ends - Stainless steel. Inner seal - Viton or consult Habonim. Zero fugitive-emission stem sealing HermetiX stem sealing design with zero fugitive emission z9673BR Hydrogen Refuelling Stations - NorgrenParticle contamination at high pressures will reduce the service life of hydrogen control equipment and is unsuitable for luid being dispensed for 10 Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Auxiliary Products Need a clever, customisable way our range of stainless steel 2-way valves offers top performance. Hydrogen Refuelling Stations 11 Breakthrough KOBELCO Contributes to the Realization of a Hydrogen Stainless Steel High-Pressure Gas Pipe for Hydrogen Fueling Stations, from Kobe Special Tube. Kobe Special Tube Co., Ltd. supplies seamless stainless steel pipes for Iwatani Corporation and Kobe Steel Group products. The pipes are designed to meet the specs required for hydrogen fueling station high-pressure piping. HYDROGEN PIPELINE SYSTEMS - asiaigaFor hydrogen gas transmission applications, the potential for hydrogen embrittlement, which is affected by metal strength and hydrogen partial pressure, should be considered. 3.7 Stainless steel alloys Ferrous alloys become stainless when they contain a minimum chromium content of at Hydrogen - Gases, technologies & services for industry in We supply hydrogen via pipeline, bulk deliveries and on-site production technologies. We also package pure hydrogen and hydrogen gas mixtures in a variety of high-pressure cylinders, including stainless steel, aluminum and nonreturnable Mini-Mix Transportables, depending on your application. HYDACs hydrogen solutions for e-mobility HYDAC - NewsAll parts in contact with the hydrogen are constructed out of approved stainless steel. Pressure transmitter solutions for industrial hydrogen applications. HYDAC has on offer a range of pressure transmitters from the HDA 4400 series for use in industrial hydrogen applications such as hydrogen compressors and dispensers. These transmitters are approved for a variety of hydrogen applications in explosive atmosphere, which enables almost global use of this product H2 - hydrogen Mehrer Compression GmbHWhether for refueling fuel cell cars at hydrogen filling stations, as synthetic fuel for cars and trucks, for feeding into the natural gas network or for the production of steel - hydrogen is a climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels and energy sources. Hydrogen Refueling Components - H2 Car DispensersHigh flow short filling times. WEH® Hydrogen refueling components stand for reliability & efficiency. The wide range of fueling nozzles, breakaway couplings and filters for cars, fuel cell electric vehicles, light-duty vehicles and forklifts convince by utmost safety and outstanding functionality. WEH® Fueling nozzles are suitable for fast filling of cars at self-service fueling stations Stainless steel Aichi SteelStainless steel bars for concrete reinforcement. Search by steel. Stainless steel for use with high-pressure hydrogen. Stainless steel for compressed hydrogen is used in hydrogen stations and fuel cell automobiles. Stainless steel for blades. Stainless steel for blades (our AUS series, ACUTO440, etc.) are excellent for cutting edges. Hydrogen filter to protect contaminants in the fuel tank WEH® Coalescing Filter TSF2 H for installation in H2 vehicles and fueling stations - Product family Clean, filtered gases are essential to guarantee the proper function of components for vehicles and filling stations when refueling with hydrogen. The WEH® TSF2 H coalescing filter was developed to remove particles from the gas flow. When filtering the gas flow, the TSF2 H reliably

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