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Can I use H13 or S7 steel for mold?

Apr 18, 2017 · Hi,Amer, the hardeness of H13 is 48-52 HRC, but if the resin is PVC or PLA, it is better to use 420-Stainless steel or 1.2083 hardened or 1.2085 hardened, becuse those types of steel is more corrosion resist, and the A and B plate for the mould better choose P20. NEW WELDING PROCEDURES FOR REPAIRING H13 AND H13 steel In H13 tool steel similar results were observed, indicating the presence of martensite in the heated affected zone and weld metal. However, as far as H13 is concerned the hardness profile shows a region in the heated affected zone, with lower hardness comparatively to Tool time:Pros and cons of the top five materials for Mar 13, 2019 · H13. An air-hardened tool steel, H13 is considered a hot-work steel and is a great choice for large-volume production orders with continuous heating and cooling cycles. Pro:H13 can hold close dimensional tolerances after more than one million uses, and its also easy to machine prior to heat treatment when the metal is relatively soft. Another positive is that it can be polished to a mirror finish How to choose the best Plastic Injection Mold Tool Material?Dec 17, 2017 · H-13 tool steel is used to manufacture high production volume injection molds. For example, the H-13 material mold insert can give more than 1 million injection cycles with 33% glass-filled nylon injection molding material. Therefore H-13 tool steel is recommended for manufacturing injection mold for abrasive materials. Surface Finish & Mold Polishing tips for Injection MoldingJun 21, 2021 · 420 Tool (Stainless Steel built) vs. H13 Polishing Apparatus Steel. Distinctive evaluations of hardware steels will need an alternate methodology when reflect polishing.For instance:it sets aside more effort to clean hardened steel compared to steel of H13. Soft Tool vs Hard Tool - Injection Mold, Plastic Molding The tool's inserts are made using H13 or Stavax (harden to 46 -54 HRC). Inserts can be drill & mill, but after hardening special process will be required. The tool life is up to 1 million shots. The lead-time of manufacture is longer than soft tool due to the heat treatment process and extra machining job. How To Choose Material For Injection Molds, S7, P20, NAK This steel is relatively easy to machine, can be hardened to Rockwell 54-59, which is certainly hard enough for a mold. It is easy to polish to a high lustre, is easy to weld and is relatively tough. H13 steel is often chosen because it is excellent for diamond polishing. Selective laser melting and tempering of H13 tool steel Dec 30, 2020 · H13 tool steel components with a density of 99% were additively manufactured using the SLM process. The highest density part (relative density 99%) with the lowest level of porosity was made with a VED of 760 J/mm 3 (152 W laser power, 100 mm/s scanning speed, 40 m hatch spacing, and 50 m layer thickness). Heat Treating Tool Steel How To Choose The Right Mar 18, 2021 · These properties makes this steel an excellent choice for cores, cavities, stripper rings, sliding parts or rotating cores in moulds designed to produce millions of parts per year at fast cycle times. Thin wall molding is an example of this type of application (containers and cutlery). H13 can be nitrided. How to choose the correct mold steel and gate type Choose the correct mold steel:The mold steel mainly depends upon the annual shot quantity requirement. But it also depends upon part design and part plastic material. For shot quantity requirements of less than 500,000 prehardened tool steel (called P20) is most commonly used for cores and cavities and the mould base. Heat Treating Tool Steel - How To Choose The Right H13 Heat Treating Tool Steel . H13 (DIN No. 1.2344) is a through hardening tool steel which has excellent hot tensile properties, high hot wear resistance , adequate toughness and resists tempering at high operating temperatures. Thin wall molding is an example of this type of application (containers and cutlery). H13 can be

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