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Clevis Eye Extension Extension Link Guy Hook p STE FITTIN S Guy Attachment Anchor Shackle Chanel Eye Nuts Forged Thimble Eye Bolts Guy Clamps Angle Trussing Tackle Machine Bolt TRANSAN COMPANY (ISO 9001:2008 registered unit) (Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Overhead line (HWMV/LV) hardware fittings, Pole line hardware, AB. Jocelyn Forge Inc. - Pole Line HardwareOverhead and Down Guy Hardware. Guy Clamp. Jocelyn guy clamp is used to secure/hold the ends of the guy strandwires. Clamps are shipped with bolts assembled, and clamping bolts have oval shoulder to prevent turning when nuts are tightened. Jocelyn heavy duty clamps are drop-forged from basic open-hearth carbon steel material with straight parallel groove. Poleline Hardware / Aerial Materials Comstar SupplyPoleline Hardware. All of your nuts, bolts, and washers in one place and ready to order online! Many of our products are in stock and ready to ship. If you need to calculate your build check out our Magic Mile tool. Jump to Product List. Sub Categories. Yoke Plate, String Hardware for Transmission Line It is a string hardware that is used for stringing different components of an overhead power line. A yoke plate is stringed to the insulators on one side and the other side is stringed to the conductor terminal point. Other components of an overhead pole line such as socket tongue and clevis are also attached to the yoke Electric Power Fittings / Transmission Line Fittings there are single strand thimble eye nut ,double strand eye nut and triple eye nut which are all used for cable wire dend end guy strand .They will fixed to the anchor rod or stay rod then attach the guy strand for transmission line fittings. Feature:Thimble eye nut are used for attaching to thru bolt or thimbl eye bolts for straight away head guys. Guy Strain Insulator - taporellinefittingA guy strain insulator is designed to be used with guy wire on the overhead pole lines. It is made of fiberglass material and designed to shield the guy strands from the current that may be flowing through the transmission line. Guy strain insulators can be used with different end fittings, clevis, Y clevis, and thimble 25 KV UNDERARM SIDE-BREAK SWITCHF. Attach control rod to control handle with the control handle and adjusting clevis in position and mount handle to pole with 5/8-inch bolts. Adjust the control rod to have a Pole Line Hardware - Hangzhou Emax Industrial Co., Ltd Galvanized Steel Cross Arm/Electrical Cross Arm/Line Cross Arm for Overhead Power Line Fittings FOB Price:US $0.1-0.3 / Piece. Min. Order:500 Pieces. Contact Now Galvanized Thimble Clevis Guy Attachment Cable Clamp Overhead Line Fitting FOB Price:US $0.1-0.5 / Piece. Min. Order:1,000 Pieces. Contact Now Pole Line Hardware A-I > MacLean Power SystemsPole Line Hardware A-I. When it comes to Pole Line Hardware, MacLean Power has a depth of knowledge and manufacturing experience that is unsurpassed in the market. These pages detail the hardware needed for power utility applications. 17 Product Lines Found. Sort By: China Customized Overhead Line Fitting Forged Chain Link Chain Link This is a kind of connection hardware used to connect insulators and hardware in electrical engineering, and it can also be used to connect some connection points with insufficient length to Pole Top Pin:The Complete GuideSep 27, 2021 · Pole top pins are used in conjunction with pin insulators, mainly for transmission lines, 11kv/33kv distribution lines, and overhead power lines. The pole top pin is made from hot new rolled steel. The steel will heat to red and be punched to the designed shape. China Hot DIP Galvanized Insulator Pin Insulator Pole Line We are the manufcturer with 20 years experience of galvanized steel overhead line fittings. ----- * alley arm brace * thimble clevis * guy hook * cross arm plate * ground plate * guy attachment

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