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Schedule 80 PVC and CPVC Schedule 40 PVC Technical

Maximum Pressure Rating for Schedule 80 PVC/CPVC Pipe at 73°F Size PSI Bar ½ 848 57.7 ¾ 688 46.8 1 630 42.9 1¼ 520 35.4 1½ 471 32.0 2 404 27.5 2½ 425 28.9 3 375 25.5 4 324 22.0 6 279 19.0 8 246 16.7 10 234 15.9 12 228 15.5 External Pressures Collapse Rating CPVC vs PVC Pipe Comparison and DifferencesSchedule 40 PVC Schedule 80 PVC Schedule 40 CPVC Schedule 80 CPVC; Cost:$0.40 / ft. $0.52 / ft:$2.50 / ft:$3.02 / ft:Color:white, dark grey:white, dark grey:light grey, off-white, yellow:light grey, off-white, yellow:End Shape:plain, bell:plain, bell:plain:plain:Working Max Pressure:450 PSI:630 PSI:450 PSI:630 PSI:Tensile Strength:7500 PSI:7500 PSI:8200 PSI:8200 PSI Piping Max. Operating System Temp. °FOnly Schedule 80 PVC pipe can be threaded. Schedule 40, Schedule 80 CPVC or SDR pipe cannot be threaded; molded threaded adapters must be used on those systems. The pressure rating of molded or cut threads must be derated by an additional 50% beyond the pressure rating for pipe and fittings. See pressure/temperature derating information in this CPVC Schedule 80 Fittings - NIBCOCPVC Schedule 80 Fittings. Chemtrol ® CPVC Schedule 80 fittings, made with Corzan ® CPVC, are for use with hot corrosive liquids, chemical processing, industrial plating, chilled water distribution, deionized water lines, chemical drainage and waste water treatment systems. Corzan CPVC conforms to ASTM D-1784 Class 23447-B, formerly Type IV, Grade 1. TECHNICAL INFORMATION WEIGHTS & DIMENSIONSSpears® premium quality Industrial CPVC pipe is offered in Schedule 80 sizes 1/8" through 24". Schedule 40 CPVC pipe is also available. PVC Sample Engineering Speci cations All PVC Schedule 80 pipe and ttings shall be produced by Spears® Manufacturing Company from PVC Type I, cell classi cation 12454, conforming to ASTM Standard D 1784. ASTM D1785 and ASTM F441 - PVC and CPVC Pipes ASTM D1785 Standard Specification for Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Pipe, Schedules 40, 80, and 120 is manufactured to meet the needs of a broad range of industrial, commercial and residential piping systems. ASTM D1785 covers pipes made for water distribution and irrigation systems. ASTM F441 Standard Specification for Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) Plastic Pipe, Schedules 40 and 80. PVC & CPVC Schedule 80 EXPANSION JOINT / REPAIR PVC & CPVC Schedule 80 EXPANSION JOINT / REPAIR COUPLING Installation Instructions EJ-3A-0508 Spears® Expansion Joints allow the telescoping movement of an inner pipe within a rmly mounted outer sleeve to accommodate expansion and contraction in a piping system. Available in a variety of nominal pipe sizes with 6 or 12 maximum travel PVC Schedule 80 Pipe & FittingsDownloads. Cautions/notices. PVC Schedule 80 Pipe is for pressure applications and has a thicker wall than Schedule 40 pipe. It is highly durable, easy to install and has better sound deadening qualities than PVC and ABS Foam Core pipes. Installation requires the use of primer and solvent cement. Schedule 80 PVC Technical Information Schedule 80 Schedule 80 PVC Technical Information Schedule 80 Fittings Tee Socket x Socket x Socket (Continued) Tee - Reducing Socket x Socket x Socket Page 9 Suitable for Oil-Free air handling to 25 psi, not for distribution of compressed air or gas Spears® Manufacturing Company See Spears® Product Sourcebook for product Offerings Part Number Size G G1 H H1 L M

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