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Functional Improvements in MLSS Analyzers 25 FUNCTIONAL IMPROVEMENTS IN MLSS ANALYZERS TAKEISHI Masashi * 1 OGATA Yoshikazu * TSURUNOSONO Ryuuichi * 1 KIYONO Shinjirou * The development of the MLSS analyzer was an important breakthrough in process analyzers for the sewage field. The latest model, the SS400 MLSS analyzer, Functional Improvements In MLSS Analyzers Yokogawa Functional Improvements In MLSS Analyzers Petrol & Gaze Petrol & Gaze Downstream Lan de aprovizionare cu GNL Chimic Product Finder Yokogawa Electric CorporationYokogawas optical spectrum analyzers are high-speed and high-performance Optical Spectrum Analyzers based on the diffraction grating technology. They satisfy measurement needs of a wide range of R&D and industrial manufacturing applications with a product lineup of eight models covering the broad wavelength range from visible light to mid PB360G Vertical Floating Ball Holder - Yokogawaparticular purpose but rather to describe the functional details of the product. No part of the users manuals may be transferred or reproduced without prior written consent from YOKOGAWA. YOKOGAWA reserves the right to make improvements in the users manuals and product at any time, without notice or obligation. PLC Based Industrial Automation in Bangladesh - PLC The SS400G MLSS Analyzer has a measuring range as wide as 500 to 20000 mg/l (ppm). Microprocessor-based, it has a wealth of self-diagnostic functions and alarm contact outputs like other converters in the EXA series, as well as excellent operability. The SS300G MLSS sensor uses a measuring method that compares transmitted light with scattered light. Pressure Calibrators Yokogawa Electric CorporationMLSS Analyzers Liquid Density Analyzer Fourier Transform Near-Infrared Analyzer (FTNIR) The CA700 is a highly accurate and highly functional pressure calibrator specifically designed for the calibration of differential pressure and pressure transmitters, which are widely used in plant processes these days and are improving in terms of Bulk & Petrochemical 2.0app - ,, Yokogawa has been serving the automation needs of the bulk chemical market globally and is the recognized leader in this market. With products, solutions, and industry expertise, Yokogawa understands your market and production needs and will work with you to provide a reliable, and cost effective solution through the lifecycle of your plant. 2.0app Petrochemical 2.0app - ,,Petrochemical companies needs are extremely diverse. To come out ahead in todays highly competitive marketplace, producers are striving to improve quality and productivity. Yokogawa provides tailor-made solutions for these needs based on its long and wide-ranging experience in this field. 2.0app Control Room Design 2.0app - ,, Control room design needs to take into consideration all aspects of the work environment including operator comfort, ergonomics, safety, ease of communication, functionality, automation of systems, and business policy. Yokogawa helps clients physically consolidate and functionally integrate their control rooms. 2.0app Water & Wastewater app - yabo, Liquid Analyzers and Recorders for Reducing Total Cost of Ownership. Yokogawa has provided a wide range of liquid analyzers and recorders with high quality, accurate and reliable products. All of these products are designed to give you maximum accuracy, stability, safety and reliability, with the objective of reducing your total cost of ownership. Field Data Digitizer SensPlus Note Yokogawa Electric All information recorded is instantly shared between members and all the data recorded can be uploaded to a dedicated portal site on the internet for viewing, analysis and management. This tool helps improve maintenance efficiency, quality and accuracy. Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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