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The most accurate commercially available class is called 1/10 B (often carrying the older reference of .01%). The interchangeability typically tightens in practice to .2°C but only within an abbreviated temperature range, such as 0/50 °C. It is not named specifically in the current spec. But the spec refers to special tolerances recommended SolarTemp PT100 BARANI DESIGN TechnologiesFlat PT100 sensor for Photovoltaic solar panel mounting. PT100 RTD temperature sensor accuracy comparison of Class A, Class B, 1/3 DIN and 1/10 DIN sensors. REFERENCE. TEMPRERATURE. Temperature accuracy ±°C for a PT100 sensor with Alpha = 0.003850 per DIN-43760, DIN-IEC-751, DIN-EN-60751. 1/10 DIN (Band 5) PT100. General Purpose PT100 Temperature Sensorsrtd accuracy class a, class b, 1/3 din, 1/10 din actual rtd accuracy +/- °c pt100 alpha 0.003850 to din 43760 iec751 din en 60 751 b grade a grade band 3 (1/3 din) band 5 (1/10 din)-200 °c 1.30 °c 0.55 °c 0.39 °c 0.38 °c-150 °c 1.05 °c 0.45 °c 0.23 °c 0.21 °c-100 °c 0.80 °c 0.35 °c 0.15 °c 0.12 °c Temperature Controls Pty Ltd > Support > RTD Sensors > RTD Sensors; RTD accuracy Class A, Class B, 1/3 DIN, 1/10 DIN; Operation & Maintenance Instructions ; RTD Element DIN Tolerance Calculator; Speed of Response; RTD vs. Thermocouple Comparison Chart RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector)d) temperature range and accuracy:(d-1) -(d -2):Acceptable error tolerance calculation:DIN Class A (JIS Class A):± (0.15+0.002 |t|)°C DIN Class B (JIS Class B):± (0.30+0.005 |t|)°C Class 1/3 DIN (±0.16%) (±0.004%) 0.10°C± 0.16t Class 1/5 DIN (±0.10%) (±0.024%) 0.06°C± 0.10t Class 1/10 DIN (±0.05%) (±0.012%) 0.03°C± 0.05t RTD Tolerances, Classes and Comparisons WatlowPlatinum RTD Tolerance Values. Temperature °C. Resistance Value . Tolerance DIN-IEC-751. Class A. °C () Class B. °C () -200. How to calculate the tolerance of a RTD sensor This standard, DIN/IEC 60751 (or simply IEC751), requires the RTD to have an electrical resistance of 100.00 at 0°C and a temperature coefficient of resistance (alpha) of 0.00385 //°C between 0 and 100°C. There are actually four resistance tolerances specified in DIN/IEC751:2008. Class AA = ± ( 0.10 OMEGAFILM Platinum RTD Sensors - Omega EngineeringPlatinum RTD resistance can be calculated using the Callendar-Van Dusen Equation as follows:Accuracy Classes There are three accuracy Classes defined in IEC60751 for film type RTDs, they are:Class A, Class B, and 1 3 DIN (also known as AA). These Classes are defined as follows:OMEGAFILM® elements are manufactured pt100 temperature sensor Omega EngineeringThin film elements conform to the European curve/DIN 43760 standards and the "0.1% DIN" standard tolerance. Class A RTD Highest RTD Element tolerance and accuracy, Class A (IEC-751), Alpha = 0.00385 Class B RTD Most Common RTD Element tolerance and accuracy, Class B Platinum Resistance Thermometers Process ParametersHow accurate are RTDs? Part of the standard that we operate to governs accuracy. First of all there are five accuracy bands; Class B, Class A, 1/3 DIN, 1/5 DIN and 1/10 DIN. Class B is the least accurate, 1/10 DIN is the most accurate. The table below gives the accuracy for Electrical WIKA worldwideV Vibration proof tip (max. 10 g force) 10 Element D Pt100, class B C Pt100, class A F Pt100, 1/10 DIN of class B at 0°C E Pt10, class A A Cu10, class B B Ni120, class B K Pt1000, class B J Pt1000, class A L Pt100, accuracy less than class B I Pt100, 1/3 DIN of class B at 0 °C 11 Wiring configuration A Single 2-wire B Single 3-wire C Single 4

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