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CSA 350W CLASS H - Acier Altitube

CSA 350W Class H specifaction is the result of the heat treatment of CSA G40.21 350W / 50 w class C. These tubes will be heated up to 450ºC (850ºF) using large furnaces then cooled over a determined period of time. The purpose of the heat treatment is to reduce the stress in the alloy of the tubes created when they are manufactured. CISC-ICCA - Canadas voice for the steel construction industryCSA G40.21, grade 350W, Class C, HSS Squares and Rectangles For compression members, 13% For tension members, 18% Rounds For compression members, 24% For tension members, 24% Suggested Increase in Nominal Thickness for A500, Grade C, Structural Tubing When Substituted for: Canadian Steel 350W - Structural engineering general Oct 28, 2008 · Effectively all the 350W rolled pieces we get in Canada (W, H, S shapes) are ASTM A992 or (maybe) ASTM A572 Grade 50 steel that then get re-certified under the CAN/CSA G40.20/G40.21 standard. In fact S16-01 clause 5.1.3 states that structural steel shall meet the requirements of CAN/CSA G40.20/G40.21 or ASTM A992/A992M. It is important to note that Class H is part of the C; for It is important to note that Class H is part of the C; for ASTM A500 in the United States. However Claf Class C and ASTM A500 providing the size and gat anadian specification only and has not been approved ss H material could be substituted for CSA G40.21 lge are identical. CSA G40.21 44W / 300W Structural, Carbon & HSLA Steel CSA G40.21 44W / 300W. A structural steel plate grade specified within G40.21 of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). This grade is utilized in general fabrication and construction. It is also referred to as 300W, which is its metric designation. This material is also available as Charpy tested when referenced with a "T", such as 44WT / 300WT. Heat Treating HSS Steel Tube InstituteThis recommended pre-galvanizing treatment temperature is met by A1085 Supplement S1 and CSA G40 350W Class H. One provider of the latter HSS grade publishes a heat treatment of 30 minutes in their furnace at a temperature of 890 o F (480 o C). Heat treatment at a temperature in the range of 850 to 900 o F does not affect the metallurgical MIG Welding, CSA StandardsCSA SMAW SPEC W48.38 Low Alloy Mpa Tensiles. E480 - E550 (80k) - E620 (90k) - E690 (100k) E760 (110k) Metric Conversion 1000 psi = ksi x 6.894 = MPa 1 MPa = 145.03 psi. CSA Flux Cored Spec W48.5M. - C SA Sub Arc W48.6M. SMAW and GMAW Mechanical Strength. E6010 Minimum Yield 50,000 psi Minimum Tensile 62,000 psi. SPECIFICATIONS - DEL METALSa) C.S.A. G40.21M 1978 b) C.S.A. G40.21 1976 c) A.S.T.M. and other specifications. The suggested cold forming radii for the various grades of steel should, in our opinion, be attainable when using normal press brake practices. Greater care in the preparation of materials and bending practice could result in smaller radii being obtained. CSA C49 Standards for Canadian Size - JYTOP cableACSR conductors manufactured to CSA C49 Standard. Code Name KCMIL or AWG Cross Section Steel Ratio Stranding Wires Dia.of Core Overall Dia. Linear Mass Rated Tensile Strength Max.D.C. Resistance at 20 Alum. Wire Steel Wire Alum. Total No. Dia. No. Dia. - - mm2 mm2 % - mm - MERRITT FACILITY / POD 6 M O D U Ssteel designed to can/csa-s16-09 wide flange & hss (class c) csa g40.21 350w structural channel, angles, plates & rod csa g40.21 300w sheet metal channel, angle, flat bar astm a653 ss gr33 u.n.o. fasteners:sip fastener sipld and siphd self drilling screw 'grabber' #10 x 3/4" self drilling nailing common ring nail 3" long u.n.o. ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION OntarioCanada:CSA G40.21- Grade 350W USA:ASTM A572 or A992 - Grade 50 for Sections not manufactured in Canada. Hollow Structural Steel Sections (HSS):CSA G40.21 350W Class-H. ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION Ontario TITLE CIVIL STEELWORK STEELWORK GENERAL, QUALITY, FABRICATION AND ERECTION VALE # SPEC-14001 LUCAS STRUCTURAL COVER PAGE BTECH 3 COMMERCIAL s4. structural steel csa g4021 300w (44w) except w sections:csa 640.21 350w (50v hss members:csa g40.21 350w (50v class c or astm a500 grade c anchor bolts:astm a307 cf sections:astm a570m grade 350w (50v s15. provide masonry anchors at 1000mm (40") maximum o.c Steel Grade Equivalency TableA633 Gr. A,C,D. 0.9 max. Comparative designations of grades with similar composition from other important standards. Unified Numbering System (UNS) is an alloy designation system widely accepted in North America. American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)

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