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For use as an oxygen injection device. These pipes are purchased in 21 or 10-1/2 lengths. Unlike butt welded pipe, which only gives you 75% weld assurance, P. C. Campana, Inc. manufactures an electric continuous welded product through 200 KVA induction coils to assure total weld safety. Each and every piece is tested and inspected to assure the user 100% safe oxygen lance pipe. V-24 Oxygen Lance - esabnaThe V-24 Oxygen Lance Valve is a lever-operated valve for dependable ease-on and quick shut-off valve for oxygen. BUY NOW. Features. Reliable lancing for steel mill, foundry, production, and scrapping applications; Lever-operated valve for dependable ease-on and quick shut-off of oxygen; Quick connect pipe chuck grips pipe firmly Steel Mill Supplies Lorain, OH - PC Campana IncEasily cut through steel, concrete, or slag using our unparalleled burning bars. Choose between a variety of lengths and O.D. Learn More. Lance Pipe. Today, oxygen lance pipes are 100% safe as a result of rigorous testing and inspection standards--all this without Holders Styker Steel TubePL Couplings Lance Pipe Holders:The PL Coupling lance pipe holder is a simple, rugged, and lightweight design suitable for numerous applications. These holders are capable of accommodating 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 pipe as well as 5/8 OD tubing. A hardened Locking Ring bites into the lance pipe ensuring the pipe will not come free during operations. Steel Mills Archives - OxylanceMany tasks in the steel making process cannot be accomplished without Lance Pipe and our quality control system insures you are getting products that have been manufactured to the highest standards for Oxygen service. In addition to Lance Pipe and Burning Bars we also have a full line of high quality support equipment. LF(Ladle Furnace),Calorised Oxygen Lance PipeIn general, steel pipes are used as lance pipes for oxygen injection. If mild steel pipes are treated by this process consumption rate of lance pipes will increase 6 - 7 times. It is necessary to make the pipe fireproof as a first step. Daiwa Anaya Steel Pvt Ltd - Global ManufacturersOne of our niche product is Calorized Lance Pipe. It lasts 5 to 10 times longer than mild steel lances and is used for various applications such as, the melting and refining of steel by blowing oxygen gas, injection of carbon, lime, and/or other additives. Sturdy, Stainless oxygen lance for Industry Uses - With seamless welding quality, these oxygen lance are annealed with nitrogen protection and are polished with utter professionalism. These products are made of robust materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized surface-treated iron and many more to offer consistent service for a long time. Oxygen Cutting of Metals:5 Processes MetallurgyPowder cutting lance can be used successfully for cutting aluminium billets, bronze, both steel and cast iron with inclusions, firebricks, and concrete. Some proprietary oxygen lance pipes are also available. Such pipes are fitted with cut wire pieces of aluminium and steel or magnesium and steel. Failure Analysis of Basic Oxygen Furnace Lance Head Apr 13, 2020 · In a steel plant, basic oxygen furnace (BOF) is a method to convert liquid hot metal and steel scrap into steel with oxidizing action of oxygen blowing into the melt. A water-cooled lance is used for blowing of pure gaseous oxygen (> 99.5%) at high pressure and flow rate of 1113 kg/cm2 and ~ 1000 Nm3/min, respectively. A failure of BOF lance head assembly occurred in one of the integrated Calorized Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Thermic Lance Jiangsu Xingrui Piping Co. was formed to provide OXYGEN LANCE and THERMIC LANCE to the commercial steel-making and foundry casting industry. We provided the base of industry blow oxygen or inject carbon into electric arc furnace solutions and skilled experience of exothermic cutting methods. Today, the company operates within a 24,000

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