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Cold Rolled Deep Drawing Steel Coil - Cold Drawn Steel

Cold rolled deep drawing steel is a low carbon steel with relatively low yield strength and very good forming characteristics. Use it for very deep drawing applications that need a very smooth surface. Cold drawn steel is steel that is drawn passes through a series of dies to achieve the desired shape. CRCA Steel - Cold Rolled and Close Annealed and Nov 04, 2017 · SPCE -AS steel (deep drawing close anneal cold rolled) SPCG -AS steel (extra deep drawing non-aging close anneal cold rolled) SPHC steel which is hot-roll steel is not a CRCA steel since it has not undergone cold rolling nor it has undergone annealing in the closed furnace. Therefore this grade has poor dimensional tolerances, rough surface finish, less draw-ability, poor mechanical JSW - Cold Rolled ProductsThe Cold Rolled Closed Annealed Coils and Sheets are manufactured using the cutting-edge Cold Rolling Mills at Vijayanagaar. With a 3.3 MTPA, the CRM facility offers state-of-the-art facilities, advanced operational technologies, a robust due diligence process and an integrated quality control mechanism. The Cold Rolled Closed Annealed is manufactured in Deep Drawing, Extra Deep Drawing, JFE Steel Corporation Sheets Cold-rolled steel sheetsMar 05, 2020 · JFE produces cold rolled products to meet a wide range of product standards, including JIS and other public standards, as well as internal JFE standards. Products range from general use, including extra deep drawing quality and bake hardening sheets, to high strength sheets and sheets for enameling and other special applications. SPCC SPCD SPCE Cold Rolled Steel Coil-Cold Rolled Steel SPCG:Extra-Deep Drawing & Stamping & Punching Use; Characteristics:Very low carbon cold rolled steel, excellent deep drawing processability. Applications:Car interior board, surface and so on. Remarks:SPCCT is users specified the grade of SPCC which need to ensure that the tensile strength and extensibility of the species. Cold-rolled sheet steel:buy from the manufacturer - MetinvestCold-rolled plates are supplied with surface quality or B as per EN 10130, except for LA steel, which can only have type surface quality. Cold-rolled plates can be further used for metal coating by submerging the material into a metal bath, using the electrolytic deposition method, and/or applying organic and other types of coating. Arab Steel Co. ISPCThe ARAB STEEL CO. produces only the finest-quality Hot Rolled Coils and Hot Rolled-Skin Pass Coils. HRC for cold rolling and drawing application. JIS G3131SPHC / SPHD / SPHE. Cold Rolled & Galvanized. SAE 1008, DIN 1614 STW 24,SAE 1006, DIN 1614 STW23. Extra Deep Drawing. IS 11513 EDD. Boiler Quality. ASTM A516 70, JIS G3103 SB410, ASTM 285 ASTM A1008/A1008M cold rolled Structural steel,ASTM ASTM A1008/A1008M cold rolled Structural steel ASTM A1008 is a kind of cold rolled , low carbon steel material for drawing. ASTM A1008 include seven levels or grades, they are :CS:A , CS:B, CS:C, DS:A , DS:B, DDS, EDDS. CS. is the common application, DS is used for drawing, DDS is used for deep drawing, EDDS is used for super-deep drawing. Cold Rolled Steel - iilaustraliaCold Rolled Steel. With strict quality control procedures and advanced technology our product provided an outstanding finish and workability which is highly valued by customer in the automobile, home appliances, furniture, drum, tube, filter and various other industrial segment. Cold rolled steel manufactured by ISL is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.25mm to 3.0mm and is offered in a CHINA STEELnon-skinpassed), hot-rolled coils, hot rolled plates, hot rolled sheets, and hot-rolled pickled and oiled coil. The available sizes are 1.20~5.99mm in thickness for hot-rolled sheets, 1.20~6.50mm for hot-rolled coils, hot- rolled pickled and oiled coils, 2.00~12.7mm for hot-rolled bands, 6.00~12.7mm for hot-rolled plates, Standards - Continental Steel & Tube CompanyStandard Specification for Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS), Sheet, Carbon, Cold-Rolled (Withdrawn 2000) Replaced by A1008/A1008M Volume 01.04, January 2003 A616/A616M DSSDrawing Quality:JIS 3141 SPCD. Size. Width:900 - 1250mm to 1000 - 1250mm. Grade. Deep Drawing Quality:JIS 3141 SPCE, JIS 3141 SPCF. Size. Form:Coil form/ Sheet, 2400 - 6000 sheet. Grade. Extra Deep Drwaing Quality:JIS 3141 SPCG. Size. Remarks:Mild Edge, Slitted Edge, Cut to length. Grade. Other grades on request. View Detail. Cold Rolled

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