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Product details of. Spray Paint Matt Black. Quick dry Effectively resists UV radiation Increases the anti aging performance Prevents the metal surface from rusting Volume :400ml Features:This product is excellent weather resistance and adhesive power, easy to spray with minimum loss. It should be widely used in spraying and repairing surface of metal, wood glass, leather, ,spray paint spray paint machine price BD shop, *spray paint machine homemade *spray gun water *how to make spray paint bottle at home PAINT & COATING - SelffixPaints such as these are hugely important and is a multi-million dollar business. These coating protect metal structures such as buildings, ships, rigs etc against both oxidation and corrosion. For our homes, it is common to apply a layer of anti-rust paint to our gates to prevent the structure from rusting away. MSDS - Automotive Touch Up Paint from PaintScratchC.i. pigment red 254 84632-65-5 None A None, O None Calcined kaolin 66402-68-4 None A 3.0 mg/kg Respirable Dust, A 10.0 mg/m3 inhalable dust, O 15.0 mg/m3 Total Dust, O 5.0 mg/m3 Respirable Dust Carbamate resin 26935-10-4 None A None, O None Carbon black 1333-86-4 None A 3.0 mg/m3, O 3.5 mg/m3, D 0.5 mg/m3 8 & 12 hour TWA

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