toroidal antimagnetic curr

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Anti-magnetic Mini Current Transformer Shanghai Xianyu

Toroidal:Phase:Single:Input / Output:5(60)A/2mA:Max. Current:60 A:Turns Ratio:1:2500:Phase Shift Error:5 (20% Rated Current) Burden (Rb) 10 :Accuracy Class:0.1 Class:DC Resistance (25°C) 100 ~ 190 :DC Immunity Test <3%:Anti-magnetic Performance:upto 300mT:Core Inside:Nanocrystalline & Fe-based Amorphous:Encapsulation Toroidal Magnetic Field - an overview ScienceDirect TopicsToroidal field coils (TF) generate a toroidal magnetic field inside plasma. There are 16 one-turn TF-coils. Each coil consists of the straight inner leg constructed of bronze and the outer turn constructed of copper. The coils are connected in series through the cross-overs at the bottom.

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