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7/10. Excellent Film! matthew-577-105392 8 November 2009. I thought this was a great film. At first I thought the dogging would be the main focus, but as the film progressed a rather sweet and sometimes subtle love story emerged, which overtook the admittedly stark world of dogging. Public Sex (2009)Public Sex (2009) Public Sex (2009) 1 of 1. Dogging:A Love Story (2009) Titles Public Sex. Countries Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Italy, United States. Languages English. (PDF) The Political Morality of Public Sex Elaine Craig 2009] E. CRAIG THE POLITICAL MORALITY OF PUBLIC SEX 27 gay and lesbian communities than in straight ones) was a claim about desiresame- sex desire specifically. The equality claim was rejected by the Court.108 It may be that, for doctrinal reasons, the Court was not well situated in any of these pre-Labaye cases to give recognition to

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