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420 Damage and Fracture Mechanics - WIT Press

(b)S45C steel &p=5%, n%=250MPa,Nf=7.85X 10^ cycles < > Axial direction I I 40/^m Fig.7 An example of successive observation of fatigue crack Transactions on Engineering Sciences vol 19, © 1998 WIT Press, witpress, ISSN 1743-3533 (PDF) An Experimental Study on Fatigue Behavior in Welded Fig. 6 Comparison with S-N curves predicted by . Peterson and Neuber in notched. Fig. 8 S-N curve fo r all of specim ens in w eld zone. S45C Steel, Datasheet, Properties, Cross-Reference Table Heat Treatment of steel grade S45C. Heat treated :1547°C - 1584°C. Technological Curves of steel grade S45C

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