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Forage funnel aligns silo blower, fill pipe - FARM SHOW

The company notes that air loss isn't a problem. In fact, the funnel fits snug enough so that farmers even use it on blowers to fill 90-ft. silos, the manufacturer points out. Besides being easy to attach, the Forage Funnel makes it easy to lift the pipe off if the blower plugs. Sells for $32.95, plus shipping.

SILAGE DISTRIBUTOR - BADGER NORTHLAND INC.A material distributor for distributing silage in a silo including a blower, a pipe to carry material from the blower, an adapter for attaching the pipe to the blower and for allowing the pipe to turn

Modified silo blower cracks shelled corn - FARM SHOWThe cutting edges of the sections extend into the pipe where they crack high moisture corn as it's blown up through the pipe and into Hardies' 16 by 45 ft. concrete silo. "It's an economical method of grinding high moisture shelled corn because it eliminates the need for a recutter blower

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