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Floral Elements Custard Fabric Yardage SKU:FE-520

Shop our large selection of modern fabric and patterns now at Stash Fabrics! Floral Elements Blush Fabric Yardage SKU:FE-502 Stash Floral Elements - Blush. $10.80. MSRP:$12.00 (you save:10%) 9 yards in stock SKU:FE-502 . Collections:Art Gallery Elements, Floral Elements. Designers:AGF In-House Studio. Manufacturers:Art Gallery Fabrics. Fabric Types:Quilting Cotton. Themes:Blenders and Basics Floral Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics Fat AGF Studios unveils a collection with a wide spectrum of colors. With bursting floral illustrations that bloom on the fabric like fireworks and a range of colors to choose from; these fabrics are a perfect replacement for the common basic.. Pair these

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